Preaccident Investigation podcast

Todd Conklin is not only a friend of mine but a visionary in the world of safety. Todd Conklin spent 25 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory as a Senior Advisor for Organizational and Safety Culture. He speaks all over the world to executives, groups and work teams who are interested in better understanding the relationship between the workers in the field and the organization’s systems, processes, and programs.


Sidney Dekker

Sidney Dekker is a leading world-wide thinker and researcher in New View Safety.  His works related to Human Error and Just Culture are essential reading for organization leaders and practitioners seeking to make the world and its systems highly reliable, much safer, more valuable and doing so in a way that appreciates the humans and the humanity behind our shared successes and failures.  

the h.o.p coach

HOP stands for Human and Organizational Performance and it’s an initiative that is well worth the effort and the time is right. It’s a new way of thinking about how we can improve the work place. It is based on the premise that humans are error prone and that if we expect people to do things right all the time, we are most likely going to be disappointed – a lot! 


Safety differently

The words seem contradictory next to each other. When facing difficulties with a potential disastrous loss, it makes more sense to wish for more of what is already known. Safety should come from well-established ways of doing things, removed far from where control may be lost.

But as workplaces and systems become increasingly interactive, more tightly coupled, subject to a fast pace of technological change and tremendous economic pressures to be innovative and cutting-edge, such “well-known” places are increasingly rare. If they exist at all.