High Reliability, Safety, & Operational Learning

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+ Training & Consultations

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FUNDAMENTALS OF "H.O.P." Human and Organizational Performance:
Full Day (6-8 hours) Just getting started? Let’s talk about tailoring a full-day fundamentals training for your group. We’ll discuss the vocabulary, tactical thought, imagination and courage needed for implementing the H.O.P. for the workers, supervisors and managers of your organization. A fast paced day of discussion and case-based learning covering a variety of topics such as:

“That Hurt!”
Understanding our emotional reactions to failure and mishap.

“How can we protect assets and people without going broke or crazy”
Creating space for “Learning and Improving” rather than “Blaming and Punishing”

“Best Laid Plans”
Making Pre-work planning and Post-work learning an indispensable part of operations.

“Coming in Hot!”
Creating Capacity by implementing defenses to minimize the consequences of human error.

“Everyone is Watching”
Shaping management responses to failures in a way that fosters improvement and increased communication rather than squelching the essential intelligence from the field.

“I see skies of blue”
What does “Situational Awareness” really mean? Understanding how our minds interpret the world around us as we work and the very real limitations of human perception while working. How to build capacity around the situation in order to compensate for our limitations.

+ Job Specific Evaluations

I find the opportunity to observe the particulars of the real-world of work as encountered by the workers to be invaluable. Typically, management and regulators have provided a blueprint for the work as they imagine it to occur, giving their workers the best procedures and practices aimed toward getting things done efficiently and without mishap. The workers are the ones who get their hands dirty while producing value in the context of the work as it actually happens. It truly is the difference between work as imagined and work in practice. When I spend a day or two in the field with the workers at the “sharp end of the stick,” I inevitably come away with fresh insights that help to inform management about the realities of the work as encountered and the adaptations workers inevitably create in order to get the job done. Using this information, I can tailor subsequent training to the needs of the workers and the organization.

+ Speaking Engagements

I get tremendous feedback from short talks related to New View Safety. Audiences who are on the “journey” benefit from hearing success stories and challenges from other organizations whose work has similarities to their own (and we’re all similar even if our work differs greatly). Let me hear about what you’re looking for and I’ll find a fit among my colleagues.